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E-Z UP® Custom Shelters By You  

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E-Z UP offers a variety of shelter sidewalls that fit each of our tents to increase your customers' safety and comfort in less-than-ideal temperature and provide more options for customizing your outdoor business space.

Although many states have imposed restrictions that may limit your options for providing indoor services, your business still needs to bring in an income somehow. At E-Z UP®, we offer a variety of large and small tents to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses. Our optional add-on sidewalls can help you create an ideal space for offering curbside pickup, outdoor dining, and other services. E-Z UP® canopy sidewalls provide an element of privacy, as well as a window, which can make a canopy tent a more attractive option for restaurants, schools, medical services, and other businesses. Sidewalls also provide more space for adding custom printing, such as your business name, logo, or additional important information to assist your customers.

Adding full or partial sidewalls to any pop-up canopy tent is a simple way to keep it functional at any time of year. Tent sidewalls provide protection from snow and cold, and they make it easier to keep warmth from a portable heater inside your tent. We also offer clear safety shields that attach to the top half of your canopy to increase your ability to promote social distancing.

At E-Z UP®, we are known for our high-quality products and excellent customer service, including our in-house custom printing services. Our fully-customizable canopy sidewalls come in a wide range of sizes and colors, and we are committed to earning 100 percent satisfaction with each of our custom printing projects. We offer unlimited proofs before printing your custom designs to make sure you receive exactly what you want, and most custom projects are ready within 24-48 hours.

Our tents are also much easier to set up and take apart than those of our competitors. Each of our designs consists of a one-piece steel or aluminum frame that folds or unfolds in seconds, and each one comes with a convenient matching bag for carrying and storing your tent, sidewalls, and other accessories. We also offer free replacement parts for one year to ensure that our award-winning products will continue to meet the needs of your outdoor events and services.

At E-Z UP, we stand out by offering a variety of sidewalls, safety shields, and other add-on accessories that fit each of our tents. We are always happy to work with you to find solutions for providing the maximum services possible until your business can return to normal operations. Contact us today to learn more.

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  1. Value Sidewall
    Value Sidewall
    Ab: Total price: 29,00 €
  2. Endeavor™ 4m Mid-Zip Sidewall with Mesh Window
  3. Endeavor™ 4m Mid-Zip Sidewall with Vinyl WindowEndeavor™ 4m Mid-Zip Sidewall with Vinyl Window
  4. Endeavor™ 4m Sidewall with Vinyl Window
  5. Endeavor™ 4m Mid-Zip Sidewall
    Endeavor™ 4m Mid-Zip Sidewall
    Ab: Total price: 209,00 €
  6. Endeavor™ 4m Sidewall
    Endeavor™ 4m Sidewall
    Ab: Total price: 199,00 €
  7. Endeavor™ Vinyl Mid-Zip with Ground Flap
    Nicht auf Lager
  8. Endeavor™ Vinyl Sidewall with Ground Flap
    Nicht auf Lager
  9. Endeavor™ Vinyl Mid-Zip Sidewall
    Nicht auf Lager
  10. Endeavor™ Vinyl Sidewall
    Nicht auf Lager
  11. E-Z UP 3m Duralon Sidewall Set of 4
    E-Z UP 3m Duralon Sidewall Set of 4
    Ab: Total price: 148,00 €
  12. Hang Space
    Hang Space
    Ab: Total price: 84,00 €
  13. Food Booth Sidewall with Truss Clips
  14. Recreational Sidewalls
    Recreational Sidewalls
    Ab: Total price: 39,00 €
  15. Professional Sidewall
    Professional Sidewall
    Ab: Total price: 122,00 € Regulärer Preis Total price: 150,00 €
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19 Elemente

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